Supplier Quality Requirements

This table is a listing of the minimum requirements for categories of purchased commodities


 Circuits, Unplated QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR17, QR18, QR20
Circuits, Plated QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR17, QR18, QR20
Terminations, Electronic Components QR2, QR3, QR11, QR17, QR18, QR19
Ferrite Materials QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR13, QR17, QR18
Magnets QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR13, QR17, QR18
Metal Piece Parts QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR17, QR18, QR20
Machined Housings QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR17, QR18, QR20
Ground Plane Sets QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR17, QR18, QR20
Connectors QR2, QR3, QR11, QR17, QR18, QR19, QR20
Epoxy, Solder, Other Chemicals QR2, QR3, QR11, QR12, QR13, QR17, QR18
Plastics QR2, QR3, QR11, QR17, QR18
Metal Bars, Sheets, and Strips QR2, QR3, QR10, QR11, QR17, QR18

Note: Additional codes may be required by adding them to an individual Purchase Order.

Procurement Quality Assurance Requirements

Each Commodity is subject to certain of the following Quality Assurance Requirements (QR’s).These requirements are noted on the “Application of Suppler Quality Requirements” list, and may be referred to as “quality codes” or “quality requirements”. Additional QR Codes may be noted on the individual SSI Purchase Order A/R. Failure to comply with any imposed Quality Assurance Requirement may result in rejection of the purchased material or service at the Supplier’s expense. In all cases, the term “Buyer” means an authorized representative of Sonoma Scientific Inc.,(SSI), an authorized agent of SSI, or authorized representative of an SSI customer.

QR1 - Quality Management System – The supplier shall be certified to and maintain a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Requirements., or AS9100 . Compliance with the provisions of this clause in no way relieves the supplier of the responsibility to furnish acceptable supplies or services as specified herein or on the Purchase Order provided to the supplier. The Supplier’s Quality Management System shall be subject to audit by the buyer with reasonable notice.

QR2 - Supplier’s Inspection System – The Supplier shall maintain an Inspection System acceptable to the Buyer. This Inspection System shall ensure that supplies and services furnished to the Buyer have been inspected and accepted by Supplier personnel, and that appropriate inspection records substantiating conformance are maintained and available for review by Buyer representatives, and that such records are available to Buyer representatives upon request. The inspection criteria shall include dimensions and other attributes of the part or service as indicated on the SSI provided drawing, and/or required by the SSI Purchase Order.

QR3 - Calibration System Requirements – The Supplier shall use and maintain a calibration system that complies with ISO 10012-1 or ANSI Z540.3. This provision shall also be applicable to all inspection and test measuring equipment used by the Supplier’s sub-contractors when processing SSI material.

QR4 - Source Inspection – All items covered by this Purchase Order are subject to inspection at the Supplier’s facilities by a representative of the Buyer (may include the Buyer’s customer) prior to shipment. This may include that detailed parts of assemblies are subject to inspection by a Quality Assurance Representative of SSI prior to assembly. The Supplier shall notify the Buyer no less than three (3) working days in advance to permit scheduling of source inspection. Evidence of source inspection must accompany the shipping documentation. Source acceptance by the Buyer QA representative in no way relieves the supplier of their responsibility to supply conforming product and will not preclude subsequent rejection by the Buyer.

QR5 - First Article Inspection – A First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) per AS9102 is required prior to the shipment of any production parts to the Buyer. The part that the FAIR was performed on will be submitted at the same time as the FAIR. The FAIR will be noted as a separate line item, on the SSI PO and must be accepted by the SSI QA Manager before the shipment of any further quantities on the PO, unless otherwise provided for in writing by the SSI Materials and Quality Managers. Acceptance of the FAIR in no way guarantees acceptance of any further quantities of parts.

QR6 - Source Surveillance – All items covered by this Purchase Order are subject to source surveillance by the Buyer. This will include surveillance of the Supplier’s Quality Management System, procedures, facilities, and the production of the purchased product. The Supplier shall, at no additional cost, supply inspection records, and when specified, perform or repeat under the surveillance of an SSI Quality Assurance Representative, selected inspections and/or tests which are required by applicable drawings, specification, or inspection instructions as listed on the PO.

QR7 - Special Process Certification – Each shipment shall be accompanied by a legible and reproducible copy of Certification to the process as described on the PO. These processes include, but are not limited to, Heat Treating, Dye Penetrant Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection, Surface Preparation or Treatment, Platings or Coatings, etc. The certification shall state that the process was performed to the applicable requirements. The certification shall list all relevant specifications, including revision(s), the name(s) of any providers of outside services to the supplier utilized, and the date and signature of a responsible representative of the Supplier. When parts are serialized, the serial numbers of the parts shipped must appear on the certification.

QR8 - Functional Test Reports/Test Data – Each shipment shall be accompanied by a legible and reproducible copy of report of actual test results identifiable with test parameters and products submitted. These reports must contain the signature of a responsible representative of the agency performing the test, if other than the Supplier. They must also assure conformance to specified requirements. The specification must be listed, including the specification revision level.

QR9 - Functional Test Certification – Each shipment must be accompanied by a legible and reproducible copy of a certification stating that Functional Test Reports, which assure conformance to specified requirements, are on file and available for examination. The certification must be identifiable with the articles purchased by the Buyer. Any Specification applicable must be listed, including the revision level that is relevant to the purchased parts included in the shipment.

QR10 - Material Certification/Test Reports/CoA – Each shipment must be accompanied by a legible and reproducible copy of a Certification of Conformance (CoC) that will certify that the raw material(s) used to produce the delivered part match the requirement of the SSI Drawing. The CoC must list the name and contact information of the raw material supplier, the date that the shipment occurred, the identification of the raw material itself, the standard to which the raw material conforms, and be traceable to the supplier providing the finished part to SSI. When invoked specifically on SSI’s PO, for certain raw materials, a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) shall also be supplied. The CoA shall be an actual analysis of the chemical content of the material, any physical criteria applicable to the material (e.g. hardness) and shall meet the other requirements of the CoC.

QR11 - Certificate of Conformance – Each shipment must be accompanied by a legible and reproducible copy of certification stating that the material/process meets all requirements specified on the Purchase Order and applicable drawing and any other specifications. Further, the Supplier shall certify the objective evidence substantiating product/process conformance are on file and available for review by the Buyer, and that copies will be provided to the Buyer upon request.

QR12 - Identification of Shelf-Life Materials – The supplier shall identify each item, package, or container of shelf-life material with the cure or manufacture date, expiration date, and special storage and handling conditions, in addition to the normal identification of size, quantity, part number, etc. This identification, including special handling conditions, shall be recorded on certifications and shipping documents for all shelf-life material. No item shall be shipped that has less than 80% of its shelf life remaining or less than 6 months, without the prior approval in writing of the SSI materials manager or their designated alternate.

QR13 - Manufacturing Lot or Batch Number Identification – All parts and/or material and their applicable documentation (e.g. CoC) must be identified by a manufacturing lot or batch number by the Supplier. When marking of individual parts is not practical due to size, shape, or other parameters, the manufacturing lot or batch number shall be marked on the smallest unit packaged by the supplier. Note: In the absence of any required criteria for identification of a lot, a lot of batch number shall be defined as parts and/or material produced by one manufacturer in one unchanged process, uninterrupted, in accordance with the same drawing and/or specification revision.

QR14 - Serialization – The Supplier shall serialize components, subsystems, and assemblies as required by drawings, specifications, and the PO. Serializations shall be such that duplication of serial numbers will be precluded. The supplier’s Quality Assurance System shall provide for traceability of all serialized items to the source.

QR15 - Solderability Testing – Solderability testing is required in accordance with J-STD-002.

QR16 - MFG Date Code – The Date code must be marked per the applicable SSI drawing.

QR17 - RoHS Compliance – The parts, materials, or supplies provided by the Supplier must conform to the requirements of the EU RoHS legislation, Directive 2011/65/EU and to the amendment to Annex II, Directive (EU) 2015/863. A certification that the supplied items conform to these directives must accompany the shipment, or it may alternatively be additionally certified on the CoC for each shipment requiring RoHS compliance. If an exemption is used to achieve compliance, it must be specifically stated on the cert by citing the exemption number from Annex III used to achieve compliance (e.g. 2b or 6c).

QR18 - REACh Compliance – The parts, materials, or supplies provided by the Supplier must be free of any of the substances listed in the “Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern for Authorization” ( in excess of 0.1 percent by weight. The Supplier must certify the compliance to the version of the list current at the time of shipment, or must identify which version the shipment complies to, if not the most current version. A certification must accompany each shipment, or it may additionally be specifically certified on the CoC for the shipment.

QR19 - Conflict Minerals - Sonoma Scientific requires all of our suppliers that supply us with any product containing the identified minerals listed in Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, to provide us with a completed conflict minerals declarations annually using the RMI-CMRT (available at An annual request for this template will be included on the PO, and may either be e-mailed to the SSI Materials Manager, or included with the shipment.

QR20 - Packaging – Special packaging requirements apply. Silver plated parts shall be packaged with tarnish inhibitor. All plated parts shall be packaged to protect from corrosion/excess moisture. Packaging shall protect the parts from any shipping damage. ESD sensitive parts shall be packaged in static protective bags or containers, with ESD non-generating packing and padding. ESDS parts must be identified on the exterior of the shipping container. All parts shall be packaged using best standard practice, or special packaging may be specified in detail on the PO.

FM-077 rev.B